Most RV-ers agree that the weakest system of any RV is the ability to monitor the level of waste water in the gray and black holding tanks. The failure rate of existing measurement systems is so high that many RV-ers simply guess when they have to empty their tanks. Consquently, RV-ers dump more frequently than necessary. Certainly not the most enjoyable part of RV-ing.
The Solution
Finally after many years of research, a reliable and affordable solution has been developed by Horst Dynamics, Inc. The probes used in waste water tanks are failing because they are not designed to function properly in a waste water environment. Horst Dynamics, Inc. has developed new probes for gray as well as black holding tanks, that fit in the same 3/8" diameter holes that your present probes use. Patents are pending for this breakthrough design.
The only change you have to make is to replace the existing probes in the gray and black waste water tanks with Horst Miracle Probes™. The monitor, the wiring as well as the existing fresh water probes stay the same.
What customer wouldn't want a more reliable waste water management system? A more reliable system means less worry and more overall satisfaction with the RVs you manufacture, sell, or service. We guarantee that your customers will be glad you converted to the Horst Miracle Probes™ and so will you!
March 2009. RV Pro Magazine (Page 16) provides an overview of the Horst Miracle Probes, the Tow-N-See Extension Mirror, and the inventor behind these innovative solutions for recreational vehicle owners.
May 2009. Gary Bunzer, The RV Doctor has put his product spotlight on how the Horst Miracle Probes are "A Real RV Plumbing Miracle!" by replacing the well nuts being used in RV holding tanks with "the ones that work".

August 2009. RV View Magazine (page 23).

We have been motor homing for 40 years and are on our 8th motor home. The last 3 were bought new and we have never had a sensor that worked. We travel with many friends and groups and all laugh and say "No our sensors donít work". This year we installed ---Horst Miracle Probes -and they work. I installed them my self in about an hour. It is wonderful and we are spreading the word that it is possible to have sensors that work. It is especially helpful when dry camping to have working sensors.
          Jerry Babcock, Santa Rosa, CA.

For more information please contact us.. Our probes are far superior to the existing probes.

Manufactured by
Horst Dynamics Inc.
Denver, Colorado, USA